The Latest After a Small Break

OK guys, so I know I haven’t baked/cooked much lately. In January, I started a new job which has changed my schedule around a bit. However, I’ve got some treat ideas ready to try out soon. But since I’ll be gone to visit family for the next two weeks, expect something tasty a bit later in the month.
However, in the absence of my baking delights, I have been thinking a lot on how I’d like to improve my blog. I often think about new ideas as I’m walking home, mulling around the harborside, or inbetween gigs here and there. I mean, we live in Bristol right? So there are endless foods to try, bands to see, and places to go! In the near future I plan on reviewing these things more and more, including airline reviews starting this week with my flight to Las Vegas on budget airline, Norwegian air. I’ll also be looking at good travel options from Bristol by putting my budget minded skills to the test!

For example, did you know that you can grab a one way fare to Gatwick airport from Bristol coach station with National Express for as little as £2?! That’s less than a meal deal! And for comparison, if you bought it on the day it would be £20. So it really does help to book in advance if you can (I booked the trip in October).

Anyhow, lots to come, places to see, and things to do! So, watch this space. There are things cooking, but think of it more as simmering in a crock pot. In the meantime, check out my Instagram page as I post random pics around Bristol, including some of the local food I munch on. Thanks for reading and be careful of the crazy weather we’ve been having!

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