Quick Post From The Cornish Coast 1

The view from The Cliff House in Newquay, where we’re staying

Hello from Cornwall! Having a quick weekend away as I think it might be summer here in the south west of England. Spent the morning in St Ives exploring the Tate and winding my way in and out of the cobblestone paths. Lots of people about and quite a few shops offering up homemade fudge crafted with Cornish cream. Decided upon a Finger Box sample pack at The Cornish Candy Shoppe.

Each one includes a generous assortment of flavors. I was lucky enough to sample rocky road, strawberry, black currant, and death by chocolate, to name a few (these were my favorite ones).  They also feature hand made chocolates, britles, and nougats with lots of gift pack options – that is, if they last the journey home. 

Off to enjoy some fresh seafood tonight and plan on going native with some proper Cornish pasties tomorrow. Where ever you are, enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for reading and Happy Eating!

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